Title:Scarlxrd STFU.
Date:07 March 2019
Duration:3:7 Min
Dis Like:1,322

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I feel like a villain
No remorse I run them out

Had to change my didgits
New niggas acting out

I just mind my business
Mask off dreads down

You know my position
Turn my shit up fucking loud.

Fukcing cancecle
They move backwards
Bands up
Got my bands up
It’s a handful
Over views the city like the council
Now look
I had to tear this shit up like an animal

Young nigga rich as fuck
But I rock no ice
Roll around with my hood up
They now scarlxrd isn’t nice
Mesh mask on my face
When I’m strolling in the night
Got a handful of friends
Guess I had to pay the price

im like wait
Shit the fuck up

im like wait
Shit the fuck up

Live in a land alone my brains the antidote
Eat like a cannibal feedingmyself
Your life if laughable took her and dashed the hoe ahhh just had to challenge myself
Had to go radical shits so impractical now I just manage myself
It’s all about me me me me me me me I should go fuck myself

i do not stress no worry’s
niggas that hate aint got money
im keeping my head down now pay day is coming
im not on no bullshit just working an dusting these fuckers
that thought they could try me yeah
im still my own biggest rival yeah
all of these lights are so blinding yeah
im happy and numb to the violence yah

Pick up and run the wealth
I had to learn myself
Run up the check I dealt
I got another belt
I had to learn myself
I had to learn myself
I had to learn myself
I had to learn myself

uh i might dance to my steady notes
of course im on job with my steady form
making moves till there red and blue
getting down in my mansion wait

how did i get my fix some more
i dont buy no new shit shit no more
never gonna mix my drink no more
let them all talk there shit some more
ever so lit im so on form its a mirical
done with the minimal
if you get ridiculed
sorry thats just your fault
Nigga that’s just your fault

im like wait
Shit the fuck up

im like wait
Shit the fuck up

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